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Vanilla Products Available :

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Some advantages associated with our product are : 1. The "vanillin" content is 15% which is 3% more then extracts generally available in market.2. Vanillin above 75% is also available in crystalline form with us. 3. Even though the yield is 3% more then extracts generally available in international market, we would be able to provide it at almost same prices of 12% extract, so you can enjoy exclusivity and reap margins.4. It is extracted through state of the art CO2 extraction method therefore would clear all benchmarks like USP, BP etc.

vanilla beans

Natural Vanillin

Natural vanillin is one of the over two hundred organic components that make up the flavor and aroma of vanilla, and it's the one we most associate with vanilla. Vanilla beans sometimes have pure vanillin crystals that develop on the bean's surface. The crystals give off an iridescent sparkle in sunlight and are quite edible.

Vanilla Oleoresin

Vanilla oleoresin is a semi-solid concentrate obtained by removing the solvent from the vanilla extract. A solution of isopropanol is frequently used instead of ethanol for the preparation. Some flavor and aroma is lost during removal of the solvent, but it does contain essential oils. Vanilla oleoresin is used in non-food products. Unfortunately, it isn't always stable in candle and soap making, which is too bad, as it's considerably less expensive than Vanilla Absolute.

Vanilla Absolute

Vanilla absolute is the most concentrated form of vanilla. It is often used to in perfumes and other aroma-based products. Because it's so expensive, most candles, soaps, and other scented specialty merchandise, are made from synthetic vanillin. Vanilla Absolute is used in very high-end products in small quantities, often mixed with other fragrances in perfumes, for instance