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Celery Products available :

celery Oleoresin

Overview :

It is the oleoresin derived from the dried ripe seeds of the cultivated plants of Apium Graveolens Linn. It contains 1.5 - 3.0 percent of pale yellow volatile oil; 15 17 percent of fixed oil is resins. The volatile oil has a very strong aromatic flavour, which chiefly contains d-limonene and sedanolides responsible for the characteristic flavour. Celery Oleoresin is also used as stimulant, carminative, nervine, sedative and even in tonic. It is also used to flavour soft drinks and unpleasant medicaments.

celery, celery seeds, celery oleoresin

Celery Oleoresin

Product                      :     Celery Oleoresin

Description                :    Oleoresin celery is obtained by the CO2 extraction technique of the Dried seeds of Apium graveolens 

Colour & appearance :     Dark Greenish yellow with characteristic odour.

Volatile oil content      :   10-35%

Moisture (%w/w)         :   <10 ppm

Solubility                    :   Soluble in alcohol & chloroform