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Botanical Name: Coriandrum sativum L. (Fam. Umbelliferae)

coriander, coriander seeds

Plant Part: Dried Seeds

Extraction Method: SCFE

Origin: India

Description: Coriander oleoresin is obtained from dried seeds of Coriandrum sativum. Conventionally it is important condiment in India where the tender leaves and stems are used raw in salads, curries, soups, chutneys. Coriander seeds are extensively used for its pleasant aroma in curry powder, sausages, seasonings, pastry, cookies, buns, cakes, tobacco products, liqueurs particularly gin and cocoa products . In ayurvedic system of medicine fruits are considered carminative, tonic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, indigestion.

Color: Light Pale Yellow

coriander, coriander leaf, coriander oleoresin.

Common Uses: In pharmaceutical applications especially for digestive remedies and used as a fragrance in soaps and perfumes. It is also used by the food industry especially in meat products.

The seeds are a condiment in pickle spices, seasonings, curry powders, sausages, cakes, pastries, biscuits, buns, tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages like gin.

Petroselinic acid is the primary constituent of coriander oil and has many uses. The essential oils are popular in pharmaceutical, food industry.

olubility/Dispersibility: Soluble in fixed oil. Can be dispersed on dry/liquid Carriers such as salt, propylene glycol, glycerine etc.

Appearance and odour: Caramel colour liquid with the characteristic odour and flavour of Coriander.